Mixed Media Portrait Step 4

Mixed Media Portrait Step 4

After outlining my figure in charcoal, I start the collage. I tear up texured papers and glue them to the areas outside the figure’s outline using gel medium. I then paint over the textured papers with different shades of watered down acrylic. In this painting, I used berrywine, crimson, carmine red, and bordeaux. After this is dry I take a ragged paint brush and lightly dip into metallic copper paint. I very lightly brush over the top of the textured paper. This covers the ridges in copper paint, leaving the gullies in red. I do the same thing gold. The metallics make the different textured papers stand out.
When everything is dry, I go over the outline in charcoal again and blend it. I add any details I want, and then spray the painting with a fixative. Once its dry, I’m done! Hang and enjoy!


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