Personal Imagery

Personal Imagery

Inspired by Brian Kasstle’s art journals, I decided to create a page exploring my personal imagery. Looking through all of my paintings and collages, I tried to find which shapes, themes, animals, colors, and designs I used the most in my work. I noticed that in most of my art the image of a bird appears. I was kind of embarrassed by this. I feel like birds have been heavily commercialized in mixed media art. Walking down an aisle at Michael’s there are birds on everything. My art journal is not a place to be dishonest, however. Birds, layers, and bright rainbow colors are what I use most in my art, so these are the characteristics I incorporated into this collage. What does it mean, that I’m addicted to the image of a bird? The obvious meaning to me is freedom. Flying free above a job I don’t like, bills I can’t afford, insecurities, fears…a bird simply spreads its wings to escape an unpleasant situation. I’m jealous.

Do you have common themes in your art? What image do you think best represents you? I think it would be interesting to hear what symbol other artists use to represent themselves.


7 thoughts on “Personal Imagery

  1. I love the colours in this piece and the eyes that show up on the wings. Looking back over my journals I find that circles turn up in my pages a lot. I find circles and squares pleasing to look at πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous pages, love how you outlined the birds. And love you colours, they are my favourites as well. I think many of my more personal layouts will feature flowers in all kinds of ways: naturalistic but also more stylized. And I love graphic patterns in bold rainbow colours: chevrons, diagonals, lines and dots. And then there are lots of stars, cars and planes for all those little boy layouts I do for my 4- yo son:-)

    • Thanks! Have you seen Flora Bowley’s work? The way she paints flowers and shapes in bold colors always inspires me. I’d love to see the art you made for your son:)

  3. I really am inspired by your use of colors here! They are so vivid, very lovely. I only wish I could know how you created this. And if those birds are a stencil, could you please tell me who makes it?

    • Thank you! I didn’t use a stencil but it would be fun to make some of bird silhouettes. The first layers were gesso and matte medium until I got a really cool textured page to paint on. I collaged, laid down a layer of fluid acrylics, drew my birds, and outlined them with contrasting colors in acrylics and alcohol ink markers.

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