A Giant Buddha

A Giant Buddha

I really wanted to like this painting, but I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t hate it. I like the Buddha. Whenever I feel indifferent about my work, I throw it into my spare closet for a few weeks or months. When I take the painting out, I can usually get a fresh take on it. I either fix the problem or dump some gesso on the canvas and start over. I am very proud of the fact that I’ve become honest enough with myself to admit when something I have made is crap. I used to save EVERYTHING. I always used the excuse that I could learn from my mistakes, but reality was that I’d have to move stacks of “mistakes” to find a painting I was satisfied with. Looking at these mistakes and failures was depressing. I gathered almost all my paintings and brought them to my friend’s trailer park. Even if you hate your own art, someone else may love it. The residents of the park had a great time picking out free pieces of art to adorn their walls!


3 thoughts on “A Giant Buddha

  1. Woa wait wait wait! I love this piece. Yes, it has a different “feel” than most of what I have seen of your work, but this one really makes me feel joyful. I can see it as a book cover. Please dont blot it out. Or at least have a good print made. BTW lovely idea about giving away unwanted art. I tend to give away much of mine anyway, to the folks who inspire my ideas….

    • Thanks! Its funny you should mention prints… out of all my paintings this one has been the most requested for prints. Its beginning to grow on me, especially since it reminds me of being somewhere warm and spring like.

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