I’ve been playing with this leaf shape again. I love organic shapes. Tonight I’m going to try making a star.




I’m learning to make earrings!  I finally got to use my pretty moonstone nuggets from Robyn Parrish’s Etsy shop,  The Paris Carousel.

The Studio Table Online Collaboration


In early August, we began gutting our home, and everything went into storage.  After three weeks, I started having craft time withdrawals. I unpacked “a few things” and set up a temporary studio in the basement. It’s damp and cold down here, and spiders keep dropping into my hair.  All the discomforts disappear when I drift off into my creative zone.

When I see pictures of pristine studios on Pinterest, I tend to get jealous.  I came across Seth Apter’s online challenge on his blog, The Altered Page, to show a picture of your studio in it’s realistic, messy glory.  So here it is: my chaotic kingdom.  I love every inch of my basement corner, from the dusty floor, to my boyfriend’s giant Pabst Blue Ribbon posters. Things get done here:)

If you want to check out other studios, or join the collaboration, check out Seth’s post http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/2014/09/studio-table-reveal.

Recycled Ribbon


I love recycled sari ribbons, but when I need something quick I usually buy ribbon at a craft store and trim the edges. These earrings are wrapped in the trimmings I cut off from wired ribbon. I made these to match my green and gold necklace.