The Studio Table Online Collaboration


In early August, we began gutting our home, and everything went into storage.  After three weeks, I started having craft time withdrawals. I unpacked “a few things” and set up a temporary studio in the basement. It’s damp and cold down here, and spiders keep dropping into my hair.  All the discomforts disappear when I drift off into my creative zone.

When I see pictures of pristine studios on Pinterest, I tend to get jealous.  I came across Seth Apter’s online challenge on his blog, The Altered Page, to show a picture of your studio in it’s realistic, messy glory.  So here it is: my chaotic kingdom.  I love every inch of my basement corner, from the dusty floor, to my boyfriend’s giant Pabst Blue Ribbon posters. Things get done here:)

If you want to check out other studios, or join the collaboration, check out Seth’s post


8 thoughts on “The Studio Table Online Collaboration

  1. I can relate, we are in the midst of a gut rehab move and my stuff is packed. You’ve made a great little space to work – despite the spiders- xox

  2. There have been a few times when I’ve had to pack up all my supplies to do a house move and I can feel myself having withdrawal symptoms. Quite the visual of you in the basement with spiders raining down. Good luck with the house.

    • Thanks Kathryn! Its a pain to redo your home, but it’s finally coming along ane looks great! Worth coexisting with spiders, pincher bugs, silverfish, and last night a giant toad:)

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