I had a happy surprise today when I opened the latest issue of Somerset Studio at Michael’s, and found 3 of my paintings within.  Somerset Studio is how I discovered mixed media art, and I had always dreamed of being published in it.  After six years of being a coward, I finally sent in four paintings.  I knew one had been accepted for later in a different magazine, but when these three were returned I thought they’d been rejected.  I didn’t even bother to read the note that came with them.  After one of the worst summers of my life, I gave up making anything.  Grief kills my creativity, and I spent a long time lying around feeling like dirt.   When I finally realized that acting defeated accomplished nothing, I got up and spent all my energy and free time in creating art and improving my jewelry.  When hardly anything sold, I went back to feeling like dirt.  A thousand times I thought about giving up being an artist and doing something more realistic (and boring).  To stand at the checkout and see my work in three different magazines makes all those nights of exhaustion worth it.  I am so grateful to everyone who gave me feedback and encouragement, because those comments kept me going:)


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