As an artist I expect people to tell me what they like/dislike about my work.  Feedback helps me improve, and I try to take criticism constructively.  Today I had a random person march over to a painting I was loading into my car and ask me if I had made it.  I said yes, and she proceeded to rant for almost ten minutes about how my work was childish and lacked depth. 

It was hard to listen to, considering she was judging me based on that one piece of art.  I closed my car door and sped away, thinking of all the snarky responses I could have made.
What’s wrong with child-like?  My paintings are like the bureaus I covered in magazine clipping collages as a teenager.  They are like coloring book pages stuck to a canvas.  I was happy making art when I was young, and what I did back then still works for me today 🙂




Some chunky golden gems: iridescent sandstone, agate, citrine, amber, cat’s eye, quartz, and hessonite opal with an oxidized swallow.  I love this one.



Survival and sleep have been my priorities lately, but I miss that feeling I get when I’m lost in creation mode.  I’m hoping to use these lovelies soon:)